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Milky Way,
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Olivia Brooks
Lead Teacher


What We're Learning This Month!

This month we are nearing the end of the alphabet. We will be learning letters E, Y, Z, and X. We will learn about numbers 21-24. While we learn about the letter E, our theme will be estimation. We will learn about what estimation is, why it is useful, and make our own throughout the week. While learning about Y, we will learn about yummy yams! We will answer the questions what are yams, and how are they grown? While we learn about the letter Z, we will learn about the number zero. We will look at place value during this week and how adding a zero can change a number. While we learn about X, we will learn about X-Rays. We will look at x-rays in class and learn about the people who take them and why they are so important! During April we will also take time to practice skills that are important for going to kindergarten. This month we will be sending spring assessments home and will have parent teacher conferences. Our time in Pre-K is coming to an end and are ready to finish our last 7 weeks strong!


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Pre-K Level 2

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