We Are The
Musical Monets!




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Kayla Arnold
Lead Teacher


1 - 5 years old

What We're Learning This Month!

To start off the month of December we will be making snowmen with our names. We will also make snowflakes with our hands using white paint. The following week, we will be making Christmas trees and a Christmas ornament to take home to put on our tree! Our last week before winter break we will be making our very own Santa to take take home! We have a very fun month ahead of us!


120 Werthan Circle
Franklin, TN 37064



Our Own "Obliteration Room' Project

We began with a blank white wall, table, and bowl, and gave the children circular stickers of varying colors.  The children could place the stickers wherever they wanted on the white space.  As the children were placing stickers, Mrs. Meredith filmed them with the iPad using time-lapse photography.  The end result is a wonderful video of the children making a masterpiece!

Mrs. Meredith's inspiration is the artist Yayoi Kusama, who created the original piece.

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