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Mary Nell Hinton
Lead Teacher


All Ages

What We're Learning This Month!

Spring semester is right around the corner! Here is a sneak peek of the artists for Januart and Feburary!

They include: Henry Farrer, Paul Gauguia, Sally Haley, Edgar Degas, David Immes and last but not

least, Andy Warhol! The format will be the same from fall- 3-5 facts about artist, the style in which

they paint and will end each unit with thweir very own materpiece!

Thank you for dharing your children with me! Have a Merry War Eagle Christmas! See you in the New


- MN aka the art teacher


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Our Own "Obliteration Room' Project

We began with a blank white wall, table, and bowl, and gave the children circular stickers of varying colors.  The children could place the stickers wherever they wanted on the white space.  As the children were placing stickers, Mrs. Meredith filmed them with the iPad using time-lapse photography.  The end result is a wonderful video of the children making a masterpiece!

Mrs. Meredith's inspiration is the artist Yayoi Kusama, who created the original piece.

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