The PB&J Family of the Month

Hello. Our names are Emma and Daniel. We just turned 4 and 5 years old and are in our second year attending PB&J Day School, which we love! We live in Franklin with our mommy, our daddy is close too, and we have 2 animal friends at our home: an indoor cat Elsie (who is super fat!) and a semi indoor/outdoor rescue cat we named 'Pet', then changed to Petals.

Emma loves all kinds of animals; she wants to save them and doctor them up and take care of them all the day long. One day she wants to own a hamster, bird, dog, fish, bunny, lizard, and rat along with the 2 cats! Her favorite food is cheesy eggs, 2 at a time. She is always up for adveture and trying new feats and doing everything herself.

Daniel loves anything and everything to do with Thomas the Train; he wants to own every character and makes out stories with them as he polays. He loves seeing the train at Cheekwood and wants to go evey week! His favorite food is chocolate with Nutella on top covered with M&Ms, topped with more chocolate.

We both love gymnastics at Let It Shine and enjoy attending West Franklin church. Our favorite weekend activity is going to Chattanooga to see our grandma/pa/Uncle Ben (who can throw us waaaay up in the air and tichle at the same time) and cousins. Can't wait for the snow and making some snow angels!


120 Werthan Circle
Franklin, TN 37064


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