FAQs Just for PB&J Parents

How early can I drop off my child at school?

We offer before-care starting at 8:00AM. If a child is dropped off before 8:45AM, he/she will be placed in before-care. Teachers are busy getting their rooms ready for the day and cannot take children into their classes until 8:45AM.

How late can I bring my child and still have drop off service?

We will be in the lobby ready for drop off until 9:05AM. After this time, you will have to walk your child in.

If I need to pick up my child early, what is the latest I can get them before pick up begins?

If you need to pick your child up early, please arrive before 2:30PM.

How do I access the Kidsvision webcams?

Click on the Parent's Webcam icon (at the top of the Quick Links for Parents bar to the left), or go here.

If I want to add my child to the milk service in the middle of the month, can I?

Yes, speak with Jennifer or Brooke. The cost of milk for the rest of the month will be added to your account.

If I forget my code for the keypads, who do I ask?

Jennifer or Brooke.

If I have a question about my child’s schedule, who do I talk to?

Brooke, Jennifer and/or your child’s teacher.

If I have a question about my recent book order, who do I talk to?


If I have a question or concern about my child’s teacher, teaching style, etc., who do I talk to?

First go to your child’s teacher. If the situation is not resolved, then come to Brooke and/or Jennifer. (Please see Parent Handbook for details.)

If we have a snow day, my child is sick or my family goes on vacation, do I get a refund on my tuition for the days missed?

No, we are a private preschool. Proration is only used if missed days are as the result of an administration decision. (Please see Parent Handbook.)

When should I keep my child home from school?

If your child has had a fever within 24 hours; if your child has had three or more bouts of diarrhea; if your child has vomited within the last 24 hours; if your child woke up with a crusty, pink eye; if your child has an unexplained rash.

Does PB & J have evacuation policies for fires, tornadoes, intruders and medical emergencies?

Yes. Please see your Parent Handbook.

How do I get in touch with my child's teacher, and/or the office, during the day?

Call 791-9003 and then the person’s or classroom's extension:

Jennifer: 1

Brooke: 2

Indoor Gym: 3

Peanuts: 4

Grains: 5

Grapes: 6

Bananas: 7

Musical Monets: 8

Strawberries: 9

Nutters: 0

You can also email anyone at the school.

What is the Brag Board and how do I use it?

The Brag Board is a way for parents and staff to leave positive statements about students, other parents, the school and staff members. Just grab a sheet of paper and pen that are located next to the board and brag away!


How does PB & J manage behavior in the classroom?

There are three resources we frequently use to manage classroom behavior:

Behavior Management the PB & J Way

1-2-3 Magic websiteDownload a summary of the program

Love and LogicDownload a summary of the program

How and when do I pay for tuition?

We only accept tuition payments through Tuition Express, an auto-draft service. Tuition is drafted on the first of the month.

How can I get involved in PB & J?

Become the Room Parent, help to organize the Annual Art Show or ask your child’s teacher about other volunteer opportunities.

If I have a question, whom do I ask?

ANYONE! We welcome any and all questions!


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